Versuri Visceral Bleeding - Spreader Of Disease (Burn The b***h)

Album: Visceral Bleeding - Remnants Of Deprivation

Dreaded f**k face, grotesque
Abomination, to our race disgusting
Fraudulent, putrid hypocrite
Calculating, sinister, corrupt
Dishonest, devious, unclean
Filthy two-faced liar
Rancid whore, spreader of disease

The time is now, time to stop this sick infected whore
Introduce her to reprisal, present the consequences
Of her unclean, dirty, wicked living
Limb by limb, I will deform her
She will not twist another mind
Not lure, deceit, infect, defile

Violent grab, pound her face into the dirt
Mud soaked, hold her down by the hair
She's fighting violent, no breath, panic
Face turns blue, army boot face kick
Numbs of, falling down, passing out
Blood seeps slowly, pitiful moaning

Open hand face slap, she will not pass out
Not escape the pain
Her silent crying swiftly changes to screams of terror as I start
My work of torture on her torso, breaking ribs and bruising white skin
Broken bottle glass reflection shows her deformed face expression
Nose, chin, lips severely damaged, skin and tissue mixed with her own

Blood, she'll bleed, drain the b***h
Lying in a pool of her infected dirty blood she pleads for life
Her cries for mercy only fuels my burning hatred, time to die
Burn the f*****g b***h, pain will now transform
Change it's face, become more extreme, progress into death
Pure vengeance will flow, broad of hate
The urge that has grown strong, stimulate

In my eyes she's nothing but a repulsive vermin, source of illness
Spreader of disease, burn the b***h
Bring the flame to her body
In convulsing spasm she burns
Skin peeling off, the flesh exposed
Boiling blood expands burst through vessels
Suffer wrath of fire, you disgusting f*****g liar

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