Versuri VISION OF DISORDER - Take Them Out

Album: VISION OF DISORDER - For The Bleeders

A lot of people out there are doing a lot of things,
pushing a lot of things.
Telling you to do everything.
You should take them out.
No, try, trying to face me.
My way to f*****g disgrace me.
You try to f*****g detest me.
Don't you try and seduce me.
My mind remembers what you did to me.
My mind remembers what you did to me.
I will never forget this. I will remember what you did to me.
[Precious:] What the f**k have you done to me?
you taught me your way to ascend.
Now I'm choking on the apathy.
I thought you were my fuckin' friend.
[CHORUS:] Why are you trying to taste me?
Don't you tell me that you love me.
My mind, a purity within itself.
[PRECHORUS/CHORUS:] There's so much time,
try and take them out, and never tell me anything.
My way, listen to the fuckin' lies.
My way, trying to be something.
My way, a purity within itself.
[PRECHORUS:] Try to fight your way inside me,
and never give in to the fuckin' suffocation of
this mother f*****g god damn nation.
We must unite as one and fight.

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