Versuri Vociferian - Breathing The Infectious Particles

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

Wandering sight of disease
Infiltrates the porous lands
Asphyxia, suffocation
Taste of dried blood
Invades your scabbed throat

Burning your chocking lungs
Infected particles infest the cells
The labyrinth of your anatomy succumbs
Anathematized by sickness

Ideal of purity finally comes true
Ancient uses and codes have to be restored
From resignation to repulsion desolation has been embodied
And by the dying vermin will born the new life intolerable demands

A trail of nauseous mud
Follows the procession
Of the cursed
Degenerating breed

Spasms and convulsions
Tumefied wistful eyes
Imprisoned in morbid flesh
Plunged in the deep well of depression

Hammered existences
Suicide arises above
Soaked in virulent insanity
The threshold seems to get nearer and nearer

Feel the fiend's presence
Voices from internal cosmos
Screaming deaden guttural cries
Calling your names one by one

Deserved journey
To the other side
Deserved death
Perpetrated by the instiguator of malevolence

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