Versuri Vociferian - Complete JudeoChristian Genocide

Album: Vociferian - Triumphant Usurper Beast

Auschwitz was just the beginning
Jews the first vermin to be executed
Don't feel so safely your turn will soon comes to be eradicated
Zyklon B has to finish the job

The first race hit by this plague is not the last one
Smash and grab raid in your streets
Machine guns fire
Unbearable ambiance
All life is threat
Deportation to the camp of extermination
The world's getting a giant crematorium

The second war was just a test
And now it takes the higher ampler of entire Humanity

I want an increasing amount of dead...
Alcohols, drugs, knives and bullets are not enough efficient...
Disease, pestilence, cancer, aids, sexual pests are not enough


I want more SUICIDES
I want more HOMICIDES
I want more OVERDOSES
Achieve the HOLOCAUST

I don't care about your f*****g race... I just want you all dead
Another butchery on the altar of barbarism
Pitiless purification till all life is end

NN : Nacht und Nebel
SS satisfaction will not last long
Soon you will fall
Soon it will be your turn to enter the gas shower room
Don't hope for mercy
Don't think you'll be saved because of you are of an higher or superior race
This devastation of the living makes no difference
There's no discrimination to the realm of the degenerated

I proudly prescribe and order you committing crimes
I invite you to the evilest insurrection
That leads you straight to your death...
I don't incite you to kill your neighbourhood for he is ethnically different or for his skin colour...
...I want you to murder him because he belongs to that filthy vermin called Humanity

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