Versuri Vociferian - Enslaved Skies From Divine Hatred

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

Echoes from the past
Suddenly resound
As the bell of the leper
Rings brighter in the ablaze sky

Beneath rust lies the old wound
This corrosive stone marked by the invisible

By forgotten slights
Living's destiny had been compromised
Cold hurted earth
Nothing to expect but revenge

Infernal gusts are slashing the barren ground
Contagious dust spreads on the torn roots of hope
Black streams of blood are running the hills of pestilence
Draining the purest anger from the heart of the creatures

Messenger of absolute demise
Triumphant hymn of utter hatred
Bewitching emotions of unholy sublime
Unleashed scream from the depth of eternal torment

Contaminated firmament
Pierced by a thousand stars
Watching at the eye of the dying horse
Struggling in his own bowels

Echoes from the past
Rips the possessed night sky
Wrath of the conspirator
True evil deliverance

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