Versuri Vociferian - Enthroned By Vilest Instinct

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

Each candlelight has been smothered
To leave us immaculate darkness
Craft of magnificent decay
Majesty of grimness

Descending down to the abyss
The valley of the dead
Necropolis of fallen souls
Where the Lightbearer is king

You holder of the plague
Violent venerations, sacrifices
In the name of your greatness
The black temple has been raised by the order of the damned

Closed to the devil
With extreme devotion
The ultimate orgasm
Can only be reached through perfect suffering

Evil conception
Inbreeding of the sinister and atrocity
Obscure perspectives
Sadism supremacy

The throne of dominating chaos
Has found his pretender
Disenchanted evidence
Self-proclaimed emperor

Angels are trying to spread
Their atrophied wings in vain

Sarcastic laugh
From providential persecutor
Heaven's scum
Primary demon blessed by sin

Enthroned by natural vilest instinct...