Versuri Vociferian - Far Beyond Human Stench

Album: Vociferian - Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul

Far away from human stench
Far beyond all temporality
Lies the realm of nothingness
Where chaos hammers his own law

Dictation and might
Of beaten back to pure Evil
Slitting and blasting the earth
Digging the colder depths of winter

I am the Vociferian
Bearer of the announcement
Delivering the speeches of hate
"From darkness will raise the shadows"

As the old Aryan gods reborn
Racial riot shall come
We are the future
And this land is ours

Hollowed iced spirits feeling war lust
Riding relentless hellish chariots
Deaths head on the pole of your helmet
What you leave behind is slain gut

I am the call
I who dwells the voice of the dead
I who hold the spell of renewal
Of our superior species

Voices of destiny
Fathering justified and deserved pain
For their races to be extinct...

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