Versuri Vociferian - Mayhemic Wrath

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

Forsaken withered world
Fed on uncontrolled rage
Devilish wits
Swarm like worms in the cadaver

Demonic legions
Of lunatic spirits
Succumb to the call of the moon
Using the second side of the mirror

Thy others selfs
The night's own
Awaiting the afterglow
The children of the underworld

Going on prowl
Like packs of wolf
From dusk till dawn
Seeking weakened victims

Devolved bloodline of the undivided horde
Only the noblest strength must survive
No shelter in the dark, no escape
No shining light to run away from death desire

Frightened preys
Are savagely killed
Trapped in this perfidious ambush
Trapped in this macabre masquerade

Regulators of human species
Flesh hunger leads your instinct
Predators of the predators
The heathen blood flows in your veins

Disfigured faces
Shredded bodies
Greedy knifes claws and teeth of the night
Stabbing and ripping the skins
Bathing and drinking
In the unpure corporal fluids
Breeding the elite of the occult legacy

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