Versuri Vociferian - Nuklear Inquisition

Album: Vociferian - Triumphant Usurper Beast

It's the end of human and Christianity
It's the end of the realm of mankind...
...I'll Satisfy you evil power of Satan and hell

The end of your weak world is ringing
Destructive irradiations implode your veins from inside
Puking your blood and fluids
Blasting all that shape as Icons

Dried and decomposing
Pictures of a new Armageddon is there
The weapon of human extinction
Shall crush you all in eternal fire

You believed that to rearrange with lies could save

Nuklear Inquisition...

Apocalyptic weather
Corroding atmosphere
Need to be true to you

Yeah! Blaspheme and smash the bible's right
In suffering, now we're proud, your splendour into spit
The evil must avenge himself, know it for real
No one will save you

Nuklear Inquisition...

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