Versuri Vociferian - Poisonous Ascetik Blood

Album: Vociferian - Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul

Christian and Jewish waste the precious time
Endlessly excusing for being their poor selves
Always trying to multiply
In justifying what they done in shame

A whole lifelong denying your lamentable existence
At least asking forgiveness for feeling sinful to be safe
Carrying the useless burden of powerless
Dogmatic sentences of absurd forbiddance

Go on living to fear tomorrow if you well
You bastard worms I don't feel this way
Of this stupid sacrificial foolish behaviour you play
I pledge that pain is all you'll earn in the end

Poisonous Ascetic Blood must be shed
Cut off servile tongues of Abnegation
Frustrated c**t, abstinent freak, humiliated
My struggle is careless about sufferers

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