Versuri Vociferian - Possezed Worshiperz Ov Doom

Album: Vociferian - Triumphant Usurper Beast

Incapable to breathe the less sight of love
Philanthropists Genocider
Puking in the mouth of philosophers
Walking on the darkside with the complacency of hell

Forever torn between perversity and vengeance
Corrupted heart, possessed worshiper
Serving under submission the master of desecration

Ruining the face of human skum
No compassion in my dark blackened mind
Evolution turns to regression
Perdition, all horizons are sealed

Here comes the butcher of your lambs
Satanic verses flow in the bleeding ears of god's children
Tortured and mutilated by the own hands of the great molester

Smashing the mirror of beauty
Can't stand this reflect no more
Genius dwells in the rawest instinct
Bestial retaliation will bring an end to this civilisation

Exacerbate repulsion
Violence, terror, REVELATION

Lampooner's prays will defeat the laws of heaven
When you beg for my mercy, I'm Godlike
Red burning eyes, standing in an eternal night, side by side demons shall be allied
Prepare for the EVIL intervention...

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