Versuri Vociferian - The Day Following The Liar Birth

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

One blow of those devastators winds
Has been enough to destroy the whole of god's work
Six days of toil reduced to ashes
No rest for your pitiful disciples

They try to rebuild your great house
But they do it in vain
There will be no reward
Back to their strain...

Desperation and sarcasm besiege the believers
Breeding infidelity within the ranks of the higher

Humiliated men of god, servants of deception
No longer follow the path to the deceiving religion
Their eyes turn away from heaven's grace
Their mouths smell the bitter aftertaste of the Celestial Jerusalem

They 'll betray you like Judas will betray your son...

While gnashing gates of the great whore Babylon are opening
Lost souls are crawling in the river of petrified corpses
Driven to that place of deprivation and blasphemy
Driven to that treacherous trap of sufferings and unspeakable pain

Flimsy architectures collapsing
Blown up and set on fire like straw
Heaven's vault blasting rings the sound of chaos
Smokes from the burning churches embrace the defeated paradise

Hear the cry from the future crucified called Jesus
He of the pretended lord
He of the b***h called Mary
Profanatory forces are now released...

Human spine will bend till it give way
Like the ground will give way beneath their feet
Plaintiffs whispers creeps under the closed doors
This Petrifying grimly whistle penetrates the homes to take you

You'll be whiplashed and floored
By the putrid breath of the reaper
Governed under the cover of his darkened wings

By Immortal powers of hell
Will born the answer...
Will born the chosen one...
Will born the Fame of the Antichrist

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