Versuri Vociferian - The Hatechurch Altar Propaganda

Album: Vociferian - Triumphant Usurper Beast

Priesthood of darkness, messengers of disbelief
Fanatics of obscurantism
Besieged, the strongest spirit will fall

In the black chapel
In front of the hate church altar
The infernal office has just begun

The mass of evil is said
Going into the pulpit of anger to proclaim the extremist prophecy
In a grave, booming voice announcing the burial of you all men

Bitter and cold as death, the taste of integrity
Frightening the believers like pest

The Unholy Father blessed me for my offences
By my works of destruction I'll be given salvation
By my works of conspiracy you'll offer me a Throne

The Sect is growing everyday
Step by step adepts are converted and enslaved
The legions have to get powerful

For paradise to payback the ransom of abducted angels
We shall prevail above you all weak

Bend your spine in front of The HATECHURCH ALTAR PROPAGANDA

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