Versuri Vociferian - The Necrogoat Ceremonial

Album: Vociferian - Preludium To Massacre

Agony of god's offspring has the shape of a cross
One pathetic symbolic to illustrate the book of sacred lies
Supported by a community of weak followers with empty mind
One by one they'll be slain through a total holocaust

Feel the wrath of our coming gathering
While they pray their Christ
The same they shamefully killed
This time no resurrection for the son of god...

Despise human
Despise simplistic beliefs
Despise simplistic visions
Of life meaning

When innocence dies
And kindness falls
Come to a vision filtered by unholy blackness
Spellbound by horror and antichristian warfare

Fear is the only true god
Worship the goat of terror
Crowned by hate and despotism
Enter the bestial celebration

Praise the unknown
Praise the blasphemer

You master of desecration
Exterminator of the weak
Great tormentor each soul you crush
Emperor you rule through infernal slaughter
Infamous you inflect unbearable punishments
Your realm is nothing but carnage, massacre, and ravaged landscapes

You who wear the horns
You who dwell the rotting flesh

Virgin's blood is filling his cup
Mutilation, rape, murder in his white empty eye
Representative of true evil
Representative of the eternal decadence
The beast of a thousand names...
...The black god called SATAN

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