Versuri Void Of Silence - Temple of Stagnation (D.F.M.I. MMX)

Album: Void Of Silence - The Grave Of Civilization

Temple of stagnation
Hives of glass and steel
Monstrous edifice of enslavement
All hope crushed between the gears
Million bound in chains of commerce
Construction cities made of bleached bone
Abased before our gods of greed
Grind the bodies of the sacrificed
Inside the gears of the world machine
Fossil fuel incense chokes the sun
To usher in the final age of man
Is this what we wanted
Is this what we fought for
Is this what we wanted
Is this what we died for
We dishonour the dead
Process of restricted thought
Enforced dogmatic action
Kneel to alters of subservience
Beg for scraps from bloated masters
Lay our hands on ruptured soil
And know we chose to violate the earth
Billions weep under cloying skies
Starless sunless cursed wastes
Spread your arms wide
And embrace this world we made
For ourselves

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