Versuri Vomitory - The Burning Black

Album: Vomitory - Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize

Chemical warfare, a new dawn of terror
An insidious fester for mankind
Evoking sinister plans of destruction
Gather the fallen, upraise the counter attack

Cascades of fire burns all in sight
Human bodies burst in the heat
Collapsing in flames eaten alive
Covered in the chemical burning salvation

Damnation closing in, no remorse or pity
No honour in death, no glory for the dead
Unprepared to die, nothing left alive
A soil well fed with blood, chaos of retaliation

Darkest of nights explodes into chaos
Expandable soldiers suffer in silence
Machine gun fire eat those alive
Suffer the pain from an armour piercing rain

Bleeding eyes
Collapsing lungs
Hearts explode
Skinned alive
Ripped of flesh
Bursting bodies
Death enclose
They are no more

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