Versuri WALLS OF JERICHO - Revival Never Goes Out Of Style

Album: WALLS OF JERICHO - All Hail The Dead

i remember those days, when we were screaming for change.
when it was more than just fashion and fame.
our goals all seemed one and the same, and we sang the song of revolution.
the sky seemed endless there was no stopping us.
and i felt, we felt, like nothing could stand in our way.
and if i scream as loud as i can, it's got to f*****g break,
we will raise our fists and fight for our own place.
all this time wishing our voices could be heard,
now we finally have a voice and no one says a f*****g word.
so let's scream as loud as we can and make it f*****g break,
and let nothing stand in our way, stand in our way.

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