Versuri WALLS OF JERICHO - Thanks For The Memories

Album: WALLS OF JERICHO - All Hail The Dead

a friendship slowly deteoriates.
a hand that pushes us apart.
i remember when you were the one, that i would turn to.
when nothing you had thought was wrong, we were the invincible ones.
thanks for the memories now that you're gone.
what the f**k should i think when you let everything get in your way?
so much holds you down so much holds you back.
are you the same?
maybe i've changed.
now we're stuck together, and our hatred grows stronger for each other.
and it tears me apart knowing you're f****d in the head,
and everything is all for you,
and f**k me for caring and sticking around.
f**k you for holding me down.
we were the invincible ones.
what went wrong?

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