Versuri War of Ages - Aftermath

Album: War of Ages - Pride Of The Wicked

Light has dawned.
Ive emerged to hide my face in disgust.
Reach for me in that day.
Ease the storm thats plagued me.
Although we live in darkness, will a torch ever burn and give us light as we close our eyes.
Weve decided to walk alone, flirting with our arrogance.
The clouds roll in as our heads hang.
Lord, fill our mouths and our lives with your words.
I will life my voice and stand so we may live.
And fight the pride that holds me in place.
For I am not a slave to my fear.
Hide no more and leave your anchors at bay.
Surfaced the grave thats buried too deep.
Remove the dagger held by my lungs.
Hide no more.
Become a messenger.
Cry out a song of praise that is true.
Become a flesh thats reborn.
Take the pride that darkens me.
Hear me.
For I wont be help down by fear.
No one will ever quench my thirst.
For I long for a better life.
Ill fight.

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