Versuri Warbringer - Hell On Earth

Album: Warbringer - War Without End

A call from the grave, fortress of hell
Forsaken land where evils dwell
Killing with violence, reach for your gun
You cannot stop them it's time to run
No life is found, grisly remains
Zombified humans eating your brains
Writhing in torment, screaming in pain
Unspeakable horrors will drive you insane

Time standing still
They close in for the kill
Left to your fate
The hordes of hell await
Trapped in a maze you must escape
Standing in doorway a demonic shape
Barons of hell spewing green fire
Watching the blaze burn higher and higher
You're out of bullets but onwards they come
Your life is finished your time is done
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Attacked by the thousands, now it's time to die
Shotgun blast straight to the head
Leave in your wake a trail of the dead
Servant under hell's command
Die among the lost and the damned
Knee deep in the dead
Death looming overhead
Hell breaks loose on earth
Demons unholy birth
The earth plunged into night
It's time for you to fight


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