Versuri Warlock - Kiss Of Death

Tragic was the memory
A sacrifice of broken dreams
It turned the sky a fiery red
And dropped this curse onto my head

For forty days and forty nights
I slept all day, I worked all night
With a burnin' hunger I said goodbye
To every victim that caught my eye

I have no mercy
I tell no lies
I kiss the strangers
And then watch them die

By the light of the moon
I feel a strange desire
By the light of the moon
I hear the devils choir
Oh I am I said
The Queen of the dead
By the light of the moon
I bring the kiss of death

Now the sun is fallin'
Soon the night will be callin' me, be callin' me

With a bloody hunter inside my chest
I lift my head above this mess
I walk the streets all through the night
To quench my thirst before the morning light

There is no witness
No alibis
This is the nightmare you will
Not survive

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