Versuri Warrant - Scavenger's Daughter

Album: Warrant - First Strike

Scavenger's daughter is hell
London was born in a mystic time
Death came in life's place
Someone in prison just never came out
To see the world's two faces
The worlds disgraces
Evil walking, evil telling him to strike back

Run, fight, kill
Scavenger's daughter is hell
Breakout, believe, be free
Scavenger's daughter is hell
Scavenger's daughter is hell...
Life was hard, full of pain
Every day's the same
Kings and crowns held the people down
They always made them sweat
And broke their necks
Death came nearer, slowly nearer at night


Kings were born to bring ya death
Kings where born to break their necks
Life was as hot as hot as hell
Life was full events like a spell

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