Se va lansa un album cu ultimele inregistrari ale lui Warrel Dane

de Cristi Nedelcu

Se va lansa un album cu ultimele inregistrari ale lui Warrel Dane

In Decembrie, Warrel Dane, ne parasea. Avea 56 de ani. In acel moment artistul lucra la un nou album alaturi de trupa sa.

Albumul urma sa se numeasca 'Shadow Work' iar membrii formatiei au decis sa continue munca la el. Va fi lansat in Octombrie.

"Warrel came into our lives like a storm, took us into a very intense ride, we roamed endless roads into the unknown, into places that we never dreamed of both inside and outside our minds, and left. He was someone who lived with us, dreamed with us and enjoyed our hospitality, and in return gave us so much back. Some of us acted like his mother, some of us saw him as a father figure, some of us took care of him in some of his darkest moments. Yet he was a friend, and somehow, will be always there.

To record such an album, and to work alongside an artist as gifted as Warrel, is somehow like being enthralled by his brightest light, and, at the same time being engulfed by his darkest shadow. There is so much to say, and yet nothing to say. In the meantime, we are proud to share this portrait of the storm we went through in form of art. Light, peace and love."

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