Versuri Weezer - Longtime Sunshine

Album: Weezer - Alone - The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo

Sometimes I wanna pack it all up
Get on a bus and move to Vermont
Or Maine, or any of those states back east
That I remember
Sometimes I wanna go back to school
An east coast college with some history
I'd be satisfied, I know, in the simple things

Longtime sunshine upon me

Sometimes I wanna build a house
With a wood stove or a fireplace
In the middle of the living room,
An old piano
Sometimes it don't seem so bad
Settle down with a good woman
Leave this lonely life behind
Forever and ever

Longtime sunshine upon me

Sometimes I wanna get in a car
Close my eyes and drive real fast
Keep on going 'till I get some place
Where I can truly rest

Longtime sunshine upon me

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