Versuri Weezer - My Brain Is Working Overtime

Album: Weezer - Alone II Rivers Cuomo

My brain is working overtime.
I need something to ease my mind
‘Cause as my thoughts go manic
I reel and start to panic.
And there’s no place to hide behind.

I freak and then hallucinate.
I go at lights when I should wait.
My parents think I’m lazy,
But, damn, I’m going crazy.
I can’t help my mental state.

Now would I lie? (he’s trippin’)
Sing till you die. (mental slippin’)
Take these brains out of my way. (nah-nah nah-nah)

I work into a frenzied clip.
I bite the corners of my lip.
I’m losin’ my appetite.
My pants don’t even fit right.
Take away the month-old dip,
And give me something for my hair (aaaah)
A fresher pair of underwear
‘Cause if I was run over
By a brand new Range Rover
I just skip it. I don’t care.


I tell the world to f**k itself.
‘Cause who decides what’s sick or healthy?
And all the people I see
That’s bankin’ lots of “benjie”
Make me want to puke myself.
Start a brand new fashion trend (aaah)
For those up for the deeper end.
Sedatives and No-Doz
And edible pantyhose
On your plate so dig right in.

[chorus 2x]

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