Versuri Weezer - Trainwrecks

Album: Weezer - Hurley

We sleep all day and rock the night
We just get up to start another fight
We kiss and then we bite
We are Trainwrecks

You don't keep passing up a
Get freaky now cause I can't keep a job
We don't update our blogs
We are Trainwrecks

People love to tell us what to do
That's just cause they're jealous of me and you

We're digging through the couch for cash
We're taking cabs cause both our cars are trashed
But we're still kicking a*s
We are Trainwrecks

We think it's uncool to be on top
Mooching off our friends is not a

Someday we'll cut our critics down to size
And crash a Diddy party in disguise
We fall first then we rise
We are Trainwrecks

It's the story of our lives
We are Trainwrecks 

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