While She Sleeps au lansat videoclipul piesei 'You Are We'

de Andreea Gherfi

While She Sleeps au lansat videoclipul piesei 'You Are We'

"You Are We" este extrasa de pe albumul cu acelasi titlul al formatiei britanice While She Sleeps, material ce urmeaza a fi lansat pe 21 aprilie. Videoclipul piesei "You Are We" poate fi urmarit mai jos.4

Noul album al trupei a fost inregistrat intr-un studio foarte mic din UK, intitulat "The Barn".

"There’s always been a very DIY aspect to this band so going it alone a bit more now just reiterates that to everyone.

The Barn was a very important place for us – it’s where we grew as friends and it was where we hung out and could be creative – so the idea with this new space is that it gives us a lot more creative space.

There’s a studio and live room, and we have space now to achieve what we want to achieve as a band. This place is going to house us for a good few years.", a declarat vocalistul trupei intr-un interviu pentru Metal Hammer.

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