Versuri Whiplash (USA) - Wheel Of Misfortune

Album: Whiplash (USA) - Cult Of One

Alone again, it never fails
Always seems to happen to me
Just when I think Ive got it all,
Along comes fate, it all falls to the floor

Nave but yet so conscious
Of the grim reality that I endure
I never won this game before,
Why does it happen to me?

Im alive, but Im not winning,
The life that I live, tell me who I to blame?

Im so broke but I survive,
Cant keep up with modern times
It all costs more than I can afford,
Why should a man have to beg for more?

I see the rich get richer
While the poor survive day by day, its wrong
Im sick of all that I endure
The world where I belong

Im alive, but Im not winning
The life I live, tell me who am I to blame?
So alive, my head is spinning, my mind keeps turning,
Life is killing me.

Its always me who hits the wall,
The only man to take the fall
I fall onto my knees and cry,
Cause everything I have just died

I try so hard to make it
In a world so cold, its rotten to the cire
But Ill keep trying more and more
Til I get whats coming to me

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