Versuri White Lies - Bad Love

Album: White Lies - Ritual

I was waiting in the back-seat of the car
When I knew I'd given up
Down on the back-streets by the park
So sick of the taste of blood
I'm gonna write your girl a letter
It'll make everything better

Screaming down the phone-line to your mum
She said Honey ain't home right now
I bought a tuxedo and I bought a gun
And wore them all around this town
Nobody dares to lift a finger
They can see my heart is down and injured

If I'm guilty of anything
It's loving you too much

Honey, sometimes love
Means getting a little rough
This is not bad love
This is not bad love

I've been going to church
But I don't believe
I'll ever be clear this pain
Walk like a ghost through the streets
Soaked from the pouring rain
And I won't ask your God for mercy
My spirits're low, my soul is dirty