Versuri WHITE SKULL - Last Navigator

Album: WHITE SKULL - The XIII Skull

Riding in time we move in the space
Navigator of stars and inter-space
Builder of giant constructions
over mother earth
Eternal gate is the holy door

Air, water and mother earth
are good for landing over
All men are your slaves
to build your colony, to live
From unknown youve come here
and people fear you
Like a god you start to talk
with the ancient man
You start to build your colony
like a fantastic summer place
You arrive and you go
by the eternal gate

Youre flying over human

Where are you? Where is Rah?
Youve vanished somewhere
Tell me to crack the code

Two dimensions and two earths
connected by a fantastic door
No human can use the door,
it is only for the king
Pyramids are your tomb,
youre living like a god
The last king rest in pain
no more aliens in through the door

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