Versuri WHITE SKULL - Maid Of Orleans

Album: WHITE SKULL - The Dark Age

I had a vision I was thirteen
Saints appeared to me you must help the King
Leave your home and follow the sign
An Angel's voice will guide you so far
Bad girl what are you saying
You are a liar who cheat us
In your eyes I read a big fraud
Heretics tribunal
Ok we believe you
Your soul is telling the truth
This is the way to Chinon
There you'll find the King

Save the King and win the war
They are waiting for your command

Come on my brave and draw your swords
Follow me the battle rages on
Have no mercy for the enemy
We want our land free

We've lost the war blood on the field
I was caught from the other side
The English command touched my faith
Bishop Cauchon tried me at Rouen
By fraud I was condemned
By fraud I was sacrificed
My King where are you now
For you I'll die
Bad Girl you must die
Bad Girl you told us a lie
Burn Maid of Orleans
Devil in your mind

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