Versuri WHITE SKULL - Old Friends

Album: WHITE SKULL - Embittered


What about Michael ?
What about Jane ?
We used to be so closed at time
What about them ?
What about old friends ?
What about life ?
You'd better take your puppy now
and take it away
Somethimes I turn on my back
I see old stories and old friends
we tried to practise
all that was nice
we tried to make it
all so nice ... so nice !
Sometimes I can't remind
their names
but what we've done
I've never laid away
we were never satisfied
and all it seemed to be
a waste of time
Maybe you could be
the one I've never met before
Maybe I could fall
in love again or maybe no

I don't know...What's going on
I don't know...If I'll see them all
I don't know...What canged our lifes
I don't know...What's tearing me inside

Sometimes at the station train
we wondered about our ways
we knew how quickly you can rise
and we knew how quickly you can fall
Sometimes our eyes were grave
'cause we were never satisfied
but Bobby gave us all its best
the influence he could wield
was great, was great
Maybe you ...

I don't know ...

After years of darkness
I can see the light
and what was bad it's now bright
Run to me and think of home
your parents there all alone
Listen to me you everyone
it's there that life start again

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