Versuri Winds of Plague - Forged In Fire

Album: Winds of Plague - The Great Stone War (2009)

I stand before you as a sinner.
A mother f*****g heathen dragged face first down the road of treason.
Bound for the bowels of hell I'm always one step out of reach from the hand of God.
You would never sleep if you knew whats in my mind.
My vile thoughts you would never close your eyes.
I walk in the shadow of heavens light.
Hood up, head down.
Take a closer look into my eyes there is a part of me I can't hide.
Bring the pain.
Turn and run while you still have a chance.
I feel from grace and I'm not going back.
You come to me with the image of a better life.
I'm f*****g fine with the life I have.
I would rather burn then spend another second by your side.
In the valley of death I cast a shadow to block out the sun.
I am a monster accepting what I have become.
My faith was drowned in a sea of doubts.
Now the thorn littered road is my only way out so I push on.
Iron willed.
Tongue forged in fire.
Hate in my eyes.
Celestial supremacy replaced with gloom.
Inhale aggression and exhale doom.
From the gutters we rise.
Into darkness descend.
Never meant for the light.
Through your bonds we transcend.
There is no time for sleep, just to reclaim the streets.
How can you look down on me?
When I've buried you under my feet.
So I push on, demonized.
Tongue full of fire.
Hate in my eyes!