Versuri Winter's Verge - Envy

Album: Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy

High in the mountains deep in the woods,
A legend grew stronger with time.
A hotel that once was the jewel of the forest
Now stands deserted to find.
A story so tragic,
It's "father" that brought it to life,
One day, a dark day
He jumped of a bridge, suicide

Once a love, from the heart it grew,
But what would come, they never ever knew.
Now it stands in vain, just a crying shame,
In the ash of jealousy it stays.

His children would take it, divide it in 2,
And manage to keep it alive.
But soon one would want, what the other could have,
And envy would alter their minds.
Thoughts of deception,
Their greed corrupted their souls.
The money, the madness
Each brother wanted it all, common goal.
Now just another story
In the tales of the old and sorry
They will tell you that ghosts haunt the hotel,
The dark is now the owner
With the dust in every corner
We await for the glory days to return.

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