Versuri Winter's Verge - The Captain s Log

Album: Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy

Tired and sleepless, my crewmen and I
Have sailed for a year, the new land to find
We fought with the sea, we came close to die
We prayed just to breathe, for that longing night
Today Mother Nature has answered our call
The thunder and lightning has died down and gone
And just when the mist was clearing away
We saw the black sails, now just coming our way

And so this is my final log, I stand with her alone, Our very darkest hour
My endless passion for the sea, has brought this end for me, And now I die a captain proud

The black sails are gaining on us, they have speed
"All hands on deck, cut and run, sail east"
But fate didn't smile to us on that day
The wind was against us, we had hell to pay
The first cannon fire had shattered our bow
The second then smashed the deck of the boat
The shot that destroyed us cracked the starboard
My hope then was flying with the men overboard
Raiders, carnage, face me from all sides
I plead for mercy, let me die in pride
I beg you please, just let me die in pride

Now, as death ascends, Here I stand,
I do not fear this end, And now as time, just fades away
I bid farewell, These are my final words
My spirit will not die, I sail beyond this earth
To new seas, horizons, A captain once again

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