Versuri Witchfynde - Big Deal

Album: Witchfynde - Stagefright

It's Saturday night, we're top of the bill,
It's only the pub down the road, but we're still dressed to kill - and we will,
It's thirty five quid, let's put on a big show,
There's some record guys to see us, but I bet they don't show,

Come in take a seat boys, while we take control of you
We're goin' to have lots of fun you know, and plenty of women too,
You'll all be millionaires next week, everything's for real,
It's the chance of a lifetime - big deal - it's your big deal,

We packed up our jobs, overnight we were pro,
Straight on support tour, after a phone call from Joe,
The roadcrew went first, to give them plenty of time,
The PA was already set up, but where's our bloody backline,

[Repeat chorus]

All in it together, we're all one big show,
But when the soundman wants another fiver, he's just gotta go,
We're at the Marquee, our legs turn to jelly,
Oh Christ! Where's our bass player? At home watching telly,

[Repeat chorus]

What big deal

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