Versuri Witchfynde - Trick Or Treat

Album: Witchfynde - Stagefright

He's got a wife, but he keeps a lover,
He's got a big fast car, but he needs another,
Has so much money, he'll always score,
But he pays a man to make him more

Walk in fear of his shadow
He preys the back streets
But you'd never know
He'd kill - for a trick or treat - trick or treat

Acts like a good guy, he's on your side,
Then all of a sudden, he's a Jekyll and Hyde,
But he's not his own, you've just read his name,
No, there are plenty of others, out there just the same,

[Repeat chorus]

When you've got it all, it's hard to get a thrill,
So he picks a house and breaks in at will,
But they caught him, oh yes, they gave him life,
He'd heard footsteps coming and stopped them with a knife

[Repeat chorus]

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