Versuri Withering - Justification for Unavoidable

Album: Withering - Gospel of Madness

It’s our duty to kill
Those who don’t belong to us
As their duty is to kill
Us, ‘cause we aren’t part of them

We spread the word around
Shall you fight with us?
As you know, they must die
For sure we know our enemy

So shall we gather
to put up the camps and the training centres
So shall we train everyone to be a killer
And praise the glory of guns

We give you the signs of the enemy
He is wrong and diverse
He’s the one who doesn’t agree what you say
And the worst is: He doesn’t believe in your god

How many million rights
Justifications for death
God has truly given
Profane delights for us

New guns have being made
We must heal ourselves
And we will, by religion
No-one will shelter the infidels

Those who won’t join us
All lack honour in our eyes
We see the signs of betrayal
They will petrify before they die

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