Versuri Withering - On Deaths Colour

Album: Withering - Gospel of Madness

All the despair is now gone
I know that tonight
I'll create no more harm

I go for a moment into sleep
I know that tonight,
I'll wake up just to be seen

When the moment comes
I rise from my place
Thinking not too much

I dress up on death's colour
Oh, my eyes are red
Tonight they will turn to black
Roughen up ahead

Pain is alive again
I'm not allowed to live anymore
Night collects me under
The ground screams for food

I walk through the woods
I travel alone tonight
Someone else must be draming too

I see all over large trees, hands
Am I alone tonight?
Somehow everything is waiting (for my gash)

However something is still in me
I'd like to feel once more
but I just cannot

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