Versuri Wizard - Two Faces Of Balthasar

Album: Wizard - Goochan

Dreams of might and force,
Born out of craving for power.
He wanted to establish himself
in front of his master.
In order to conquer
he created new creatures.
Which he banned to a life
In darkness and anxiety.

Catherine my creature, half man, half worm,
Goohans mother. Tell her to be quiet,
The torment of her words is unbearable for me.
The are burning in my brain, just silence them.

Which pain drove him to such deeds?
People call it compassion,
Compassion for the burden of others.
He learned compassion at least

Broken by the burden
he imposed on himself.
He wants to put an end
to this madness.
The last step accomplished,
led by the suffering
the suffering of the world
and the hatred against his master.
(Pale Rider lies there in his blood, killed by his hand. )

What on earth am I doing here? Playing with my might,
Destroying the planet to save my home.
Is that alright?

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