Versuri Wizard - Utgard (The Beginning)

Album: Wizard - Thor 2009

"Thjalfi, move! We have to go
Darkness comes along
The giants hall that I do know
Ahead it lies so tall and strong"

"Lets have a rest, I am so weary
In the cave I see right there"

"I am as tired as you teary
So we will stay, take care"
Utgard-Loki did appear
His glove has been the cave
The hammer did not give him fear
He seemed so unbelievable brave

The hall they reached at night
And games they played, unfair
They used their power, all their might
Betrayed they've been, beware

"I will eat much more than him
I will win this game
Mighty eaters brought my kin
And you will be ashamed"
Loki ate so fast and much
But when he reached his line
Lohe ate the trough as such
And all the roast so fine

"I will run as lightning, yeah so fast
This time I will not loose the game
Against me anyone won't last
Next to me he will look lame"
So fast he ran, so swift he was
But Hugi reached the goal, departs
And had a minute's pause
Bevore Thjalfi even starts

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