Versuri WOLVERINE - Pantomime

Album: WOLVERINE - Cold Light Of Monday

There he stands, among the rest but still far above
Speaking to her with words unknown, reaching deep within
Lead astray by those who judge they finally find what they seek
Dancing through the life they thought they would never find

"Please be careful when you touch
You see, I've never been on this trip before"

"I'll show you a place you didn't think existed
I'll be your guide and shoulder to lean on
Just let go of your fears and surrender to the fire
Together we'll feed the flames of our passion"

Over and over again he unleashes his fire upon her
But the hunger he feeds it just craves for more
All she can take is barely enough
When the fever inside is taking control
All she may have is what she will take no matter the pain she'll not end up outside again

.. (The flames keep getting) higher and higher, higher and higher...

Lost and carefree, afloat on life they feed on the flames
Reality seems just like a dream and the dreams like reality
They're further away from their own yesterday than they ever been before
Further astray not parting night from day, leading stars of a pantomime

They're caught in their play as a life builds inside
Aroused in the act he doesn't know what she hides
Standing amazed by this gift from above
Could it possibly be that He's graced her with love?

But the question remains and it cuts through her heart
Will it strengthen their love or tear them apart?
There in his eyes his anger runs wild
As she tells him the words "I carry your... child..."