Biografie Wolves In The Throne Room

Wolves In The Throne Room

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Trupe similare:
Negura Bunget  Cradle of Filth  Venom  Dimmu Borgir  Behemoth  Immortal  Marduk

Also known as WITTR
Country: USA
Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Formed in: 2004

2004- Black metal

Current members:
  Will Lindsay - guitar
2004-  Rick Dahlin - vocals, guitar
2004-  Nathan Weaver - vocals, guitar
2004-  Aaron Weaver - drums
Former musicians:
2004  Nick Paul - vocals, guitar
Session musicians:
2007  Jessika Kenney - vocals
Guest musicians:
2006  Jamie Myers - vocals
2006  Dino Sommese - drums, vocals

8.6 8.4
2006 Diadem Of 12 Stars
2007 Two Hunters

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