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Wormgod (Bucharest, Romania) was founded in March 2009 by Mihai T. (Tyrant) - guitars and Ion Buhociu (Ø) - vocals. In April 2009, Victor B. (V) of Akral Necrosis - guitars joined the band. Later that year, in November, Ø left.

In September 2010, Wormgod recorded their first demo featuring Tyrant at guitars, V at bass, and session member Octav Necrosis (from the Bucharest-based Akral Necrosis) at vocals.

Influenced by black metal legends Mayhem and Emperor, Wormgod''s black metal is a mixture of dark riffs, chilling atmospheric melodies and screaming vocals.


Mihai T. (Tyrant) - guitars
Victor B. (V) - guitars