Versuri Wuthering Heights - A Sinner's Confession

Album: Wuthering Heights - To Travel For Ever More


I was born in a time when the world was still free
I know not really when, where or why
Born a king child, but on the same day
It is told you could hear the land cry

Blood boiling like the core of this world
With which I was one
Before I turned into ice
And my back to the sun
Yes before I turned my back to the sun


Growing up I lived and learned
With wings like the bird I flew
Crownprince of paradise
Soon to claim the throne

Then at last as a grown man I stood
So fiercely proud, an electrified semi-god
Ready to reign, greedy to gain


Staring at the moon I felt a shiver
No longer just a beast
But the man in the moon came down too soon
Chaos from the West to the East

Although knowing I was not prepared
I never questioned the use of my lore
Leaving behind the days of yore
Forever wanting more

I defy my gods I don't need them
Holy science take me to heaven (and hell)
With sacred right I shall conquer and rule
Slay the heathen questioning fools
Be thou foreign or kin thou shalt never be safe
Nothing shall stand in my concrete way
Upon myself I bestow the crown, I am the master


Decadence, decline, degeneracy
Broken and aged I now stand
Awaiting the revenge of the land
Looking at paradise destroyed
On my way into the void

Crying out to the gods
As my heart and pride breaks
Would take a thousand Floods
To wash off my mistakes
Turn back the clock that never runs late
Grant me thy knowledge
My free will has failed

Thief! Murderer! Rapist! Blasphemer!
Not so fiercely proud
Not so fiercely proud

Can I hope for forgiveness
Do you recall your darkest son
My name is Mankind