Versuri Wuthering Heights - Tree

Album: Wuthering Heights - Far From The Madding Crowd

A thousand years I've stood here
I'll stand a thousand more
Seen kingdoms rise and fall
Seen pestilence and war

How swift are your little lives
How swiftly you forget

My roots are deep in your forefathers's bones
My head in the air that you breath
When you freeze I submit your fire
When you're hot come and seek shadow beneath

Tree - tall as a mountain
Older than fathers of kings of men
Stood here and watched while your heroes died
I am your memory... I am incarnate life

My branches you cradle
I watched the rise of man
While you wished upon the stars
I never left the land

And you've hung villians from my arms
Nailed prophets high on my chest
In your mind you may be the master
But in the soil we both shall rest

Tree -
You've convinced yourselves you were cast out of Eden
But you left willingly in pride
Now when you freeze in your castles of stone
Do you think you were right

Tree -
How fragile are your lives
How fragile your dreams

And you shall ache with thirst
In eroded landscapes (there's no escape)
Last species alone... In a field of stone
But listen mankind... What I tell is true
From a buried seed a forest will be
You may destroy
But you cannot undo

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