Versuri Yesterdays Ring - A Small Piece Of Paper In My Shoe

Album: Yesterdays Ring - El Rancho

Close your eyes one more time
I won,t ever see you again
Say hi to everyone
Let's take the bus and leave the scene

The worst goodbyes in the world
I learn about you on crooked lines
I should go to sleep now
I never thought I could be caught in time

Was it the sweet words of happiness
Did you really feel so natural
When walking and freezing actually becomes
The best thing you did in the last year

There's a piece of you in every city
We go wasting our time in front of empty bars
It's part of me and I'm part of it
Don't follow anyone you know that well

And I wanna get lost in your room tonight
Nobody's bored with the USA anymore

I hate everything everywhere I've went
But I love you more than life itself
So let's burn the night with the cheapest wine
Let's make love to remember everything

And I wanna get lost in you room tonight
Nobody's bored with the USA anymore
And you should cut your hair shorter
And give me another bottle of sincerity

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