Biografie Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

Genuri muzicale:

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Metallica  Nightwish  AC/DC  Iron Maiden  Truda  Guns N Roses  Ozzy Osbourne

Tara: Suedia
Stil: power metal
Yngwie Malmsteen - chitara, bass, voce     
Patrick Johansson - tobe     
Tim "The Ripper" Owens - voce     
Bjorn Englen - bass     
Michael Troy - clape
1984 Rising Force
1985 Marching Out
1986 Trilogy     
1988 Odyssey     
1988 Heaven Tonight [EP]     
1989 Trial By Fire [Live]
1990 Eclipse     
1992 Fire And Ice     
1994 The Seventh Sign     
1994 I Can't Wait [EP]     
1994 Power And Glory [EP]     
1995 Magnum Opus     
1996 Inspiration     
1997 Facing The Animal
1998 Yngwie Malmsteen Live [Live]     
1998 Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra In E Flat Minor, Opus 1     
1999 Alchemy     
2000 War To End All Wars
2000 Yngwie Malmsteen Live [DVD]     
2002 Attack!!     
2002 Concerto Suite Live With Japan Philharmonic [DVD]     
2004 G3 - Live In Denver [DVD]
2005 Unleash The Fury     
2006 Far Beyond The Sun [DVD]     
2008 Perpetual Flame