Dusty Hill si-a dorit ca ZZ Top sa continue cu Elwood Francis

de Cristi Nedelcu

Dusty Hill si-a dorit ca ZZ Top sa continue cu Elwood Francis

Dusty Hill a murit pe neasteptate in iulie 2021 si si-a instruit colegii de trupa ZZ Top sa continue cu tehnicianul Elwood Francis in locul lui, potrivit Ultimate Classic Rock. De fapt, se pare ca Francis va inregistra cu ZZ Top in viitor, dupa cum a dezvaluit Billy Gibbons intr-un interviu pentru Ultimate Classic Rock.

ZZ Top lanseaza un nou album live numit Raw pe 8 iulie. Acesta a fost inregistrat la cea mai longeviva sala de muzica live si de dans din Texas, Gruene Hall, care a fost construita in 1878. Billy Gibbons descrie locatia istorica ca o „grand resonating speaker box.".” Gibbons spune ca tranzitia pe care a facut-o trupa cu Francis ca cel mai nou membru se datoreaza lui Dusty.

"Not only was he a great performer and a great friend, he had a thread of wisdom. "When he was feeling a bit out of sorts, he requested going to see his physician. He said, 'Listen, if I'm late getting back to the gig, make sure that Elwood, our guitar technician, wraps his hands around my guitar.'" Dusty a vorbit foarte frumos de Francis descriindu-l ca fiind "more than a family member. He's been a solid standby for over three decades."

Cand Gibbons a fost intrebat daca asteapta cu nerabdare ce va urma dupa albumul nou Raw acesta a raspuns entuziasmat: "Oh, yeah. In fact, this would be an interesting excursion into the unknown - particularly with Elwood holding down the bottom end. We've got the makings of a band that is partially the tried-and-true longstanding experience with something so fresh, and [there's] kind of uncharted territory that's being broken. We find it rather intriguing. It's a calling that has us grinning from start to finish."

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