Versuri Blinded by Faith - Finger On The Trigger

Album: Blinded by Faith - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Point blank indoctrination,
Brainwashed youth, brought down, twisted, crushed and recast
Formatted robots, ready to be programmed
Inhumane principles to spawn the ideal soldier:
Psychological shutdown!
Disintegrate the individuality, annihilate identity
Until all mental forces collapse,
Then redesign the self to server abstract authorities

Blind killing machines, recruited at eighteen
Almost children, perfect preys to defile
Slaves, pawns, cannon fodder!
A neurotic instructor pours cement in your skull:

Listen to me, silly sissies, faggots with no balls,
Youre worst than nothing to me,
worthless scumbags with no backbones.
If you wanna be somebody here,
Dont think twice, dont think at tall, just do what youre told,
and its gonna be the best of both worlds.
You need some strict discipline!

Glory to the star spangled-banner! Now let us pray
A good American is a man
who was born with a finger on the trigger
to erase the problem cases and promote the noble causes.
A real American is a man whos willing to die
for his beloved country

Crawl in the mud or on your friends corpse.
It doesnt matter how many people are killed,
Never mind how much blood is spilled,
Victory is ours, we never surrender
Enemies lurk in every corner, the threat is permanent,
Were rightfully suspect and purge.
Never hesitate to bomb the fuckers!

They dont even know they serve higher interest!
Corporations behold the show and laugh in the shadows,
orchestrating wars from afar, financing fear and worldwide paranoia,
protecting their privileges as armies crumble on the battlefield.
With an elastic morality, they speculate on human pain,
led by their lust for power.
See nothing, say nothing, hear nothing: credo of the corruptors!


From the ashes of Britannia rose a country
struck by a collective Viet Namnesia
Uncle Sam is out of control, out of reach
Happy bloodbath, Mr. President!
Democracy is now a vain word,
Peace goes down the drain.

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